Coal Tar Sealant

Coal Tar Sealants: A Danger to Health and Environment

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Coal Tar Sealant ApplicationInterior design is one of the things that people spend so much on, but apart from that, you must not forget that your home’s exterior is just as important. If you’re planning to place your house on the market, then you should always make sure that it undergoes routine maintenance to make sure that everything is spic and span.

Your driveway is part of your home’s façade and this is one of the areas you should take particularly close attention to. This is the reason you should hire sealcoating services and maintenance regularly to make it more visually pleasing and reduce long-term repair costs.

Asphalt Sealants vs Coal Tar Sealants

Sealants (or sealcoats) are jet black coatings applied to driveways and parking lots. Depending on the condition of your driveway, you can choose between coal tar-based and asphalt-based sealants.

Coal tar sealants are chemically treated surface coatings used on asphalt pavements. Derived from the steel manufacturing industry, these contain around 20 to 35 percent coal tar pitch. By weight, these contain over 50% polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Asphalt-based sealers come from selectively refined fraction of crude petroleum oil. These are environmentally friendly alternatives, as these prevent oxidation, preserves air quality, and isn’t as harmful compared to coal tar sealants.

The Ban towards the Use of Coal Tar SealantsSealant Application

Recently, there has been a movement to ban coal tar sealers. Why?

First off, it poses a significant health risk, as it is a hazardous waste. PAH is a chemical that puts you at risk of cancer and this as aforementioned, this type of sealant contains more than 50% of the complex chemical mixture. If you have a child, this multiplies their lifetime cancer risk by 14 times.

The chemical can accumulate in soil and carpets, as well as go with dust that enters the home once blown or tracked into homes. These particles come from wear due to the weather, foot traffic, and tire abrasion.

Apart from being a health hazard, this type is also harmful to the environment. As the residue joins stormwater runoff, this ends up in lakes and streams, which can contaminate and endanger aquatic life, entering the food chain.

Currently, Milwaukee holds the largest ban with a PAH limit.

Other Areas Implementing the Ban

Milwaukee isn’t the only city in Wisconsin pushing to implement this ban, just as Wisconsin isn’t the only state promoting the movement.

The first ban occurred in Austin, Texas and this soon turned out to be successful because several cities and states have been acknowledging the dangers of coal tar sealcoating. So far, Minnesota is the only one that implemented a statewide ban. Nine states/districts implemented the ban within the boundaries (District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin).

Your home is your biggest investment, which is why you should always make sure that its interior and exterior are in good condition. Should you decide to hire driveway sealcoating services, make sure that the material contractors use is safe for the health and the environment.

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