Expert-level Tricks to Look Better in Your Photos

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Knowing your best angle in photos is as important as dressing up for it. Yes, it might sound a bit superficial but in such a social-media-obsessed world, one cannot help but think someone’s always snapping photos somewhere. Do you really want your out-of-bed-look to be on Facebook and Instagram? But most people don’t even know how to look great in photos. Models have to study for years to find their best angle, so don’t feel bad for yourself. You have plenty of time to catch up.

Take Care of Your Looks in Real Life

Unfortunately, there is no filter in real life. You need to look your best in real life to look your best in photos. There’s no brightness and contrast scale in reality. The fact is, if you go to the pharmacy without taking a shower, that’s how people will see you. If you want to look your best in photos, you also have to make an effort to look good in real life.

That means taking care of yourself. You need to go to the salon to get a haircut now and then. You might even want to go to a spa house for a facial to get your acne treated. Men need to go to a men’s haircut and beard trim salon. There’s a tendency to want to cut your own hair or trim your beard, especially during these times. But it is always better to have professionals do it for you. As long as there are safety protocols in place, you should be safe and sound.

Study Photos of Yourself

Look for old photos of yourself. Make two piles. One is for the photos you like and the other one is for those you don’t. Determine what works and what doesn’t for you. Look at the angle of the shot and your face. What is the angle that’s most flattering for you? Recreate these poses before the mirror. Take countless selfie shots. Ask someone else to take the photos for you. It’s the digital world. You can take as many photos as you want without worrying about the film.

Do you often blink in photos? To avoid doing that, close your eyes and open them before the camera clicks. You should also elongate your neck and push your face forward to avoid the appearance of a double chin. If you think your smile is too big, put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Don’t content yourself with one angle. Practice your smile in front of the mirror. Work with different angles. Once you have a pose, add a smile to it, and recreate them without having to look in the mirror. Make sure you have different angles and poses for a variety of scenarios—formal, casual, friendly, funny, etc.

Experiment With Lighting

Many people thought that photos during the golden hour are always perfect. But sometimes, the setting sun can cast shadows on your face that’s hard to remove even with a professional editing tool. While it’s best to take photos with a natural light source, a bit of cloud coverage is more ideal. When indoors, try to face the light source such as an open window. Don’t stand directly under the light.

Adjust the Settings

taking a selfie

Sometimes, the trick is in adjusting your camera settings and using the right photo tools on your phone. Do you know that iPhone’s portrait setting is better at taking close-up shots? It blurs the background and focuses more on the subject. That’s what photo editing tools are for, too. Don’t be afraid to use them to brighten the photo or make it look more vibrant. Just don’t overdo it and avoid using heavy filters.

Wear the Right Clothes

The problem with many photos is in the clothes you wear. Surprising, isn’t it? Part of knowing how to look good on camera is also determining what clothes flatter your figure. You should choose shapes, cuts, and silhouettes that suit your body type. The colors you wear should also compliment your skin tone. Ill-fitting photos will always look bad on camera. They can distort your size.

Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin plays a huge role in making sure you look good in the photos. Create a skincare regimen that fits your skin type. Do not put on cosmetics that accentuate your acne and blemishes more. Sure, the makeup may look good on certain celebrities, but that doesn’t mean they’re great for your skin tone and type. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

Looking good in photos is all about preparing for it. When you know you are ready, you will be more confident to smile at the camera when one is pointed at you. And in this digital world, looking picture-perfect has never been more important.

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