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Digital Marketing Startup: How to Differentiate Your Agency from Others

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The digital marketing landscape is a cutthroat industry. Every day, there’s a new player offering something different. And long-established firms have their names, tried-and-tested processes and advanced technology, which startups can’t keep up with.

It’s important that you invest in techniques that differentiate your digital marketing agency from your competition. This helps you capture the attention of your target market, which is the first step in generating more customers. Eventually, setting yourself apart from the pack helps you grow more competitive and future-proofs your digital marketing agency.

Adopt these four strategies to help your marketing firm stand out.

1. Focus on a specific market

As a business owner, it’s important to identify your strengths and weaknesses and use these to your advantage.

If your firm was founded by a graphic design specialist and an expert webmaster, you should focus on promoting, offering and improving services related to design and web development. This also allows you to offer more specific services that not all digital marketing firms would have, such as creating e-books, making infographics and designing posters, among others.

This doesn’t mean you won’t accept projects that aren’t within your specialisation. You can still execute SEO strategies campaigns even if you’re a web design firm. You can either look for an outsourcing partner or SEO white label services.

Another way to focus on a specific market is through verticalisation. This means serving a specific industry, such as dentistry or manufacturing. This is perfect for owners who have an educational or professional background in the sector, since you know the marketing challenges specific in the industry.

2. Try unconventional pricing

Small agencies usually have set service packages. Many have negotiable prices and some have customisable packages. One rising trend among smaller marketing firms is results-based pricing. This means that the client pays for the results instead of your process.

Results-based pricing makes a great unique selling point, but it’s highly risky. You need to have a reliable, tried-and-tested process to ensure positive project outcomes.

3. Create a distinct, unique, and consistent brand personality and voice

Many digital marketing firms make the mistake of publishing generic web copy, social media posts, and on-page blogs. Although this kind of tone delivers your message, it makes you forgettable.

You want a carefully curated brand personality that echoes throughout your visual identity and communication style. This must stay consistent on all your channels, including your website and social media channels. You don’t have to be overly boisterous; you just have to create a firm, recognisable image and voice.

4. Associate with influencers

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Finally, collaborate with influencers. You can co-create content with leaders in your field or a complementary industry. You can host live interviews or casual sit-down discussions that your audiences can watch for free. The influencers’ following increases your reach, and they benefit from your existing customer base as well.

Influencers like unique content. Make an effort to publish fresh, high-quality posts if you want to grab the attention of established influencers.

These four strategies are just a few ways to drive business growth. There are plenty more techniques for you to consider, such as doing and publishing original research and organising industry conferences. Make sure that you use strategies tailored to your business and industry to ensure success.

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