Expected Experiences After the Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental Implant Surgery in North LondonUse of dental implants is a great way of correcting certain oral health issues. People who choose to go for implants choose to enhance their quality of life and renew their self-confidence. Dental implants usually correct oral health issues such as bad teeth, bad breath, gum disease, missing teeth and failing teeth.

Here in North London, Aural Dental explains that the procedure involved to place dental implants is surgical and one should know what to expect after surgery.


The patient should not worry much after they experience swelling 2 to 3 days after surgery. However, one may need to seek medical attention if the swelling persists for about 5-7 days. Applying ice bag or a cold pack to the cheek close to the operated area could help minimise swelling. Application of ice bag or cold pack should be done during the first 24 hours and avoided for about 24 hours. The patient should not take any drugs they think would minimise the swelling if the dentist has not prescribed any.


Vomiting and nausea are common experiences after placing dental implants surgically due to pain drugs, anesthesia, discomfort and swallowed blood. Although post-operative nausea is in most cases self-limiting, dentists advise patients to sip ginger ale, soda crackers or flat cola to alleviate it. If nausea doesn’t stop after taking pain drugs, consult your dentist on the substitute medicines you should get from their office or over the counter.

Maintain oral hygiene

Brush your teeth and gently clean the around the surgical areas to keep the mouth clean. One may start rinsing the mouth with saltwater one day after the surgery in case of minimal bleeding. Most dentists advise their patients to mix one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water. One should rinse their mouth with salt water 2-3 times every day particularly after taking meals.

How quick the healing process can highly depend on the willingness of the patient to follow the given instructions. Though there isn’t much to do when placing any dental implant in North London, much care is needed after the procedure.

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