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Cycle These Routes in France for Scenic Views, Culture and History

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France has a storied past and vibrant culture that attracts millions of tourists all over the world. The many historic old towns and villages, centuries-old churches and delicious food are often on bucket lists. One of the unique ways to discover the country is to cycle through its countryside and cities.

If you are the adventurous type or are preparing for an upcoming competition, here are some of France’s scenic and beautiful cycling routes.

The Pyrenees

If you are planning road cycling holidays here in France, include the Pyrenees in your itinerary. The mountains separate France from Spain and are a part of the Tour de France. This scenic route provides a challenge for even skilled cyclists because of the terrain and distance.

However, those that take on the trail will get stunning vistas and will go through beautiful, quaint towns. Make sure to ascend the paths through the Hautacam, Col d’Aubisque and the Col d’Aspin, just to name a few.

The Loire Valley

This route takes you through castles and the beautiful French countryside. The kings and queens of old used to spend their leisure time here, soaking in the views and breathing in the fresh air. Cycle through the fetching Touraine landscapes and follow the Indre River.

Your trip may take you to the quaint Azay-le-Rideau where you will see eye-catching Renaissance aesthetics. The trail is ideal for recreational cyclists who want a mix of nature and culture for their ride.

Tour the Jarnac

This trail in the south of France starts at a beautiful historic town and will take you through Cognac vineyards, fields and sunflowers. Go at your own pace and soak in the views and history. The route is relatively easy and is perfect for recreational riders.

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Explore Normandy

This part of France has experienced two epic battles that have shaped the region; these are the landing of the Allied forces in 1944 and the Battle of Hastings that took place several centuries ago in 1066. When you cycle through this area, you will feel a sense of nostalgia as if you were taking part in history.

Other than the historical significance of Normandy, you will also ride past beautiful fields and the famous beaches.

Cycle Morzine

This trail became famous for its challenging ascents and descents. Enthusiasts should not miss the Col de le Ramaz which provides stunning views of Mont Blanc. Other notables include the Montee d’Avoriaz and the Cold de la Joux Plane. If you have the time, energy and money, cycle all the way to Switzerland.

Bordeaux and Dordogne

This route is one of the best in France because of its smooth trails and beautiful views. Go on a traverse from Saint-Emilion to the stunning Bergerac region. Then follow the Dordogne River all the way to Sainte-Foy-la-Grande. Take a break in between and marvel at the architecture and learn about the region’s history.

These are only some of the cycling trails you can try while in France on a holiday. Enjoy the scenic routes, the culture and history during your adventure. These also provide you with a challenge if you are preparing for an event in the country.

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