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Cooking at Home to Change Food Habits for a Healthier Lifestyle

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According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australia ranked ninth out of the 23 nations on obesity rates. Over 63% of the country’s population over the age of 15 is either overweight or obese. This is due to many Australians opting for instant or convenient foods, with its market demand for instant noodles reaching over 410 million servings this year.

One way to fight against this is by cooking at home. Research has proven from time to time that frequently cooking from scratch and in general leads to a healthier diet—and lifestyle.

Whether you’re living on your own or have kids at home, finding the time and energy to mess around your kitchen tools and appliances and cook homemade meals in your home can be a daunting task, especially after a hectic day. So most choose to order or eat out.

Although this can be a convenient option, the convenience of processed and fast food can take a significant toll on your overall health and well-being.

To help you change your eating habits for good and develop a healthier way of life, here’s why you should try cooking at home—and how you can get started.

Besides giving yourself a new hobby to explore and a healthier diet, here are more benefits of cooking at home.

Cooking Your Meals Gives You More Control

When preparing your own dishes at home, it gives you more control over the ingredients. It helps you make sure that you and your family eat fresh and healthy meals—allowing you to become healthier, energised while stabilising weight and mood.

It’s Simple and Easy to Do

When you cook at home, it takes less time than eating out or delivering food. There are some meals you can try whipping up in less than five minutes, like a vegetable omelette or a pan-seared salmon belly. These are quick, simple, and healthy, allowing you to get fresh and wholesome food in less time.

Spend Time With Others

family cookingCooking at home also has its benefits to one’s mental health as it’s a great way you can spend time with others in your home while promoting patience and mindfulness and giving yourself an outlet for creative expression.

Cooking At Home: Getting Started

If it’s your first time transitioning into the world of cooking, here are some tips to help you get started smoothly.

  • Stick With Healthy Ingredients — Although starting your home cooking journey with sugary treats can be tempting, this won’t help your health nor waistline. So, it’s best to begin and stick to healthier ingredients, such as veggies and lean meat.
  • Keep It Simple — It can be tempting to experiment with different home-cooked meals, but it’s better if you start it off with simple dishes, such as steamed vegetables or grilled fish, to avoid getting overwhelmed and giving up halfway. Plus, it’s quicker and tastier.
  • Give Yourself Some Leeway — When it’s your first time cooking, give yourself some leeway, and don’t be too hard on yourself when you burn the rice or over-cook the chicken. After a few attempts, you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time.

Obesity is an increasing public health issue in Australia, contributing to other severe medical problems, including heart-related diseases, which is the number one cause of death for many Australians annually. So, drop the instant ramen and start cooking at home for a healthier and prolonged life.

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