Advice on Aesthetic Bedroom Arrangement for the Elderly

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Family living involves a lot of planning, especially for extended families that have typical parents and children but include the elderly as well. While most people would prefer their elders to live in a nursing home, having them live with you makes it a more diverse environment, especially for the kids. Grandparents can also help guide children in going down the right path since they were raised in a different way in a time when parents used to be more strict but loving at the same time. Having them around is a delight and makes the home a warmer and more welcoming place. However, giving them space won’t be enough to accommodate them. If you have a senior at home, here are a few pointers for making your home more pleasing and comfy for them.

Necessity and Measurement Consideration

As with any other place in the house, you should take into consideration some special needs of the elderly. Mobility is one such need as seniors tend to have a hard time moving around. Provide lifting devices for the elderly if they have a hard time getting up. Make sure that space is void of anything that’s hard to see or cabinets that are too low or too high for them to reach. If they require a wheelchair, make the doorways a little bit wider. Remove doorknobs and change them to lever-type handles. You can also change the kind of light switches that they can use for easier illumination. When it comes to illumination, windows should have curtains, but they should be open enough to let a considerable amount of light in.

Ideal Design

Senior and Nurse

Contrary to what a lot of people may say, our elders are a lot like us. It’s just that they were born in a different generation. Like us, they appreciate beauty on even as mundane as a room. The best way to approach this is to ask them how they want the room to look like or if they have a certain color or theme in mind for it. They may also have preferences in terms of the material that they want. Wood is the safest option as it can go with almost any color as long as it’s implemented right. Elderly people also tend to be sensitive since their body is not what it used to be. Hence, avoid designing with materials that may trigger allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Friendly Place

Believe it or not, the elderly love to socialize. They like to tell stories from their youth or teach us about life through their experiences. With that said, there should also be space enough for them to accommodate and entertain visiting friends and relatives. Include a little couch and a table for people to relax and enjoy a meal while talking. Even better, you can set the whole house up to accommodate visitors for everybody. Make it friendly not only for your senior but also for their guests.

Creating a safe and enjoyable place for our elders is always a work in progress. Just be there and ready for them and support them whenever you can. Our elders are an important part of society, and we owe ourselves to them. We will go to that point in time someday, so treat them with the same kind of treatment you want once you reach their age.

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