8 Furniture Moving Advice Straight from Experts

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Furniture MovingAnyone who’s ever had to relocate knows how overwhelming moving can be — you have to find the right moving company and you have to spend a significant amount to make sure your items are all safe. Make the moving experience easy, safe and manageable by looking at these expert guidelines below:

  • Pack bulky or heavy items in small or fitted boxes. Regardless of the size, these boxes should not rattle. Never overload them, though. Always leave space around each item so you can fill them up with cushioning like old newspapers, small towels or clothes.
  • Pack delicate items in a bubble wrap, towel or blanket and consider double boxing them for good measure. Glassware, paintings and mirrors must likewise be secured with bubble wrap, blankets, towels or cardboard. Rodneyremovals.co.nz noted that your moving company should have insurance in case any of your items incur damages.
  • Use plastic bags for wrapping the bases of potted plants, place them in a box (don’t close the lid), and then put crumpled newspapers to secure them in place.
  • Never leave bulbs and shades on lamps when packing.
  • Have resealable bags on hand for holding small items as well as screws or nails from mounted furniture. If you’ve managed to keep the original boxes for your electronics, use them to pack your electronics — they’re safest when moved in their original packaging.
  • Heavy items like washing machines and refrigerators must be according to the manufacturer’s manual. Ensure that the washing machine is completely dry and empty, and defrost the refrigerator a day prior to moving day. Secure all hoses and connections.
  • Pack your everyday essentials in separate boxes. This can include your clothes for the several days, toiletries, bed sheets, plates, cups and cutlery among others so you won’t have to unpack everything once you arrive in your new place. Remember that you’ll be unloading your entire house and it will be very hard, not to mention tiring to have to go through everything just for a few items.
  • Don’t forget to label your boxes as you go. Be specific as much as you can and take note of your most vital possessions. Write down in which direction the box should stand and what's inside.

These are only some of the things you need to take note of. Keep these guidelines in mind to ensure that your relocation will as stress-free as can be.

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