5 Health Benefits of Bone Broth

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Health Benefits of Bone BrothIn the past years, the health benefits of bone broth have gained immense popularity across the globe. The health benefits of bone broth were once a little-known secret, until today. There are many health benefits of including this into your daily diet.

The broth is an ancient food that traditional cultures have been using for ages. There are many types of broth like chicken soup base and beef soup base. Depending on your taste, they both offer a wide spectrum of positive benefits to the health.

Aids the Absorption of Nutrients

Bone broth is good for nutrient absorption because it’s a rich source of easy-to-digest nutrients. Moreover, the structure of this broth is good for healing and soothing the gut, promoting the absorption of nutrients from other foods too.

Heals Joint and Muscle Pain

Bone broth when it turns cold turns to gelatin, which relieves joint pain. Glycine and proline (amino acids found in bone broth) are used to reduce inflammation, repair tissue and build muscles.

Boosts Immunity

One of the most important health benefits of bone broth is its role in boosting immunity against diseases and pathogens. The amino acids in the bone broth like glutamine, cysteine and arginine have been shown to boost immunity in humans.

Promotes Weight Loss

Several studies have shown that overweight and obese people have more of a bacterial dubbed as Firmicutes and less of bacteria called Bacteriodetes, in their gut. If there is a higher number of Firmicutes, the higher the calories absorbed from food. The good thing is, bone broth contains L-glutamine, an essential amino acid needed for gut and body health. It helps reduce the number of Firmicutes in the gut, promoting weight loss.

Liver Detox

The amino acid in bone broth called glycine helps the liver to detox or cleanse the harmful toxins in the body.

Often, the old remedies are still the best ones. If you want to have a beef soup base or a chicken soup base, always remember that besides the comfort and taste they provide, they are also good for the health. This coming winter, stock up with lots of soups to make you cozy, warm and healthy.

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