4 Winter Property Maintenance Tips For Landlords

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Property Maintenance in OregonProperty maintenance is important, especially if you have other homes that you rent out on a regular basis. As a landlord, you are responsible for providing your tenants with a clean and well-kept property.

Here are some tips from Real Property Management on how to prepare and maintain your rental properties during the cold, winter months.

1. Fix problematic pipes immediately. Leaking or burst pipes can do great damage to your property. This is why a routine pipe checkup is an important property management task. Before winter, run the outdoor pipes dry to avoid the water from freezing inside and damaging the pipes.

2. Check your radiators. Trapped air inside radiators can prevent it from heating. Therefore, it is important to release the trapped air as part of your winter preparation checklist. This process is also called “bleeding.” Make sure that your radiators are getting an annual inspection by the professionals to solve any potential damage in the making.

3. Check your insulation regularly, especially before winter comes. A good insulation system in place can help cut heating and cooling costs all year round. During the winter months, having a good insulation system is crucial. Prior to winter, it is best to check the roof’s insulation for any trapped birds and small mammals. It is best to do this before the first snow falls to avoid any potential breakage or accidents and more expensive repairs.

4. Waterproof your basement. Flooding can lead to costly water damage. One way to nip it is to waterproof your basement. This procedure will also act as a mold and mildew prevention scheme.

If you have several rental properties or you’re out of the country most of the time, it’s advisable to hire a property maintenance company in Oregon to take care of maintenance on your behalf. Having a property manager is also good for properties that have high turnaround rates such as student apartments. This is a great option for homeowners who want to rent out their properties but don’t want to become 100 percent hands-on in the dealings and maintenance.

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