4 Simple Solutions to Garage Door Problems

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Residential house two car garage interiorThe garage is one of the places that homeowners keep for granted. They don't only park their vehicle there, as they also do many other things and turn it into a mini workshop. Sadly, the garage doors take a beating in all of these.

Garage doors may operate smoothly most of the year, but Expert Garage Doors says that sometimes, circumstances work against you and you could encounter problems with it. What do you do in such a situation? Some problems have simple solutions, as you will find out below. Other problems, however, will be best left to the professionals.

When Power is Out

Nowadays, you can operate most garage doors through a remote control. What do you do when the power goes out, though? You have to find the guide track of your garage opener, which will have a dangling cord with a red handle. This handle is the manual override. You can pull it, and you can finally open and close your garage door with your own strength.

When the Weather is Cold

The lack of power is among the reasons your door gets stuck, but cold weather and frost can also be another reason. When you have a frozen garage door, you can use the manual override and break the ice seal. Otherwise, you can use a heat gun, hair dryer, de-icing products, or any other tool that can get rid of the ice.

When the Door Sags

When you have an older garage door, they can sag due to their age. In such cases, you can buy tension rods from home centers. You can then install the rods diagonally from top to bottom corners. Tighten the turnbuckle to straighten your door, but tighten little by little to allow the door to adjust accordingly.

When to Call the Pros

As mentioned, some problems need the service of professionals. You can call them in the case of the following problems: 

  • Your door will not open or close. 
  • The door unevenly moves when opening or closing. 
  • You have a noisy door. 
  • The door closes faster than it did before.

A garage door repair company here in Utah can help you with the problems above. Repair costs can range anywhere between $75 and $561. Most homeowners spend an average of $220 on garage door repair. Once repaired, you once again have a smoothly-operating garage door.

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