Make the most of your PPC

3 Great Ways to Maximize Your Budget on Paid Search

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Make the most of your PPCMoney isn’t everything, even in the case of AdWords. Yes, this Google-owned platform deals with paid ads, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend an inordinate amount of money to make a campaign a success. What matters is how you make the most of every dollar you spend – and here are ways on how you can do that, as told by PPC experts from

Evaluate Keywords

The road to excellent PPC management begins with proper keyword research. You should know which search terms do well in the SERPs and which ones aren’t worth the investment. Of course, there are times when some keywords would take a turn for the worse and convert less than usual. In this situation, your best bet is to review the keywords you pay. Stop funding those that don’t yield enough returns and bid on the phrases that are gaining traction.

Get Ad Extensions

Google’s ad extensions exist to make your ad more visible and clickable. Every extension would consume more SERP real estate for the keyword to earn more clicks. This is a great but underrated way of doing small-budget PPC. You have to devote more resources to keywords that do turn in some ROI to further improve the conversions.

Synchronize Ad Schedules

This last suggestion works best for businesses that offer seasonal products and/or services. The secret here is proper timing. You have to know when your audience typically searches for a keyword and when your store is open for business. Once you know these, schedule the ads in a way that they would appear during these specific times. Conversions would come easy by then.

There’s absolutely no need for you to spend thousands of dollars to gain clicks on your paid ads. What you really need is to optimize the way you do PPC. With these suggestions, that’s something you can achieve. Learn from the pros and follow these suggestions for a much more fruitful effort in gaining online visibility through paid search.

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