You Will Be in Awe Once You Learn about These Amazing Cherry Picker Facts

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Cherry Picker in CannockCherry pickers can be quite intimidating to use, and not all people actually understand what they are. This heavy machinery, however, can do so many amazing things, so it is important that you understand how it works and how it may help your business. Let this article enlighten you.

It Was Invented One Summer after the Second World War

Perhaps the Staffordshire cherry picker would not be around today without the creativity and inventiveness of Mr. Jay M. Eitel. It happened one summer after the Second World War. Reports have revealed that Eitel was working on a cherry farm, but was having a hard time reaching for fruits from the highest of trees. That is when he founded Telsta Corp. — the company that first produced cherry picker lifts, and the rest, as they say, is history.

It Comes in Various Designs

Another thing you have to realise is that there are various types of cherry pickers. Apart from being able to get cherries from trees, the equipment is also ideal to use in the construction and maintenance industries.

The most popular type of cherry picker is boom lifts, which could be categorised further as straight and knuckle booms, both of which are aerial lifts that are not just used for picking fruits, but also for cleaning windows on skyscrapers, doing construction, and the like.

How High Cherry Pickers Can Reach

On average, cherry pickers can reach around 61 meters high, or around 200 feet. This is exactly why many company owners these days make sure there are cherry pickers around, so the workers would not have a hard time doing extra construction work or doing some maintenance for their buildings.

Sure, you may not use them all the time — but learning these facts would help you appreciate those pickers better.

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