Yellow Teeth? Your Preferred Beverage Could be the Culprit

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Woman with Yellow TeethNoticeably yellow teeth can compromise your smile and hamper your confidence. Brushing alone won’t help remove discoloration and brighten your smile. You can benefit from an in-office whitening treatment or changing some of your habits to avoid further stains and yellowing teeth.

Apart from improving your oral hygiene habits, it is also important to mind the beverages you drink. Just like some food choices, certain drinks can discolor your teeth and increase your risk of developing decay. Smile Designs Dentistry, a cosmetic dentistry center in Manteca notes that dark and acidic beverages contain additives and sugar byproducts that can wear away the enamel and reveal the yellow hue of the surface beneath it.


This has acids and sugar that soften the teeth enamel and turn your teeth yellow over time. It can also increase your risk of cavities.

Sports Drinks

Such beverages have high acid content than that soften the enamel more than soda. Experts suggest minimizing consumption of these drinks or diluting them with water.


The natural brown color of this beverage reveals the yellow color of the dentin. Frequent coffee drinking and adding sugar can also contribute to cavities.


Some varieties and colors produce more stains than others. Darker blends like black tea can stain your teeth like coffee does. Also, choose high-quality tea, as they are less likely to discolor your pearlies.


Frequent drinking of alcohol can wear away the enamel and stain your teeth. It can also contains sugar, which can contribute to gum disease and cavities.

The Best Beverage

The right drinks for your oral health are those that can help with saliva flow and make your teeth healthy. Plain or fluoridated water remains the best beverage, as it has no sugar and additives that can contribute to decay. Milk is also good for your teeth and body, as it is high in calcium and other minerals that can strengthen your bones.

Don’t let certain beverages rob you of a good smile. Limit your consumption or acidic and sugary drinks and wait an hour before brushing your teeth. It is, of course, better to choose water and milk over soda, coffee, and energy drinks.

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