Wisdom Teeth Removal: Behind the Scenes of Trending Videos

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Female Having Her Teeth RemovedYou have most likely seen several trending videos online of young men and women post-procedure, mumbling or shouting nonsense because of the effects of anesthesia. Many of these people underwent wisdom teeth removal, and if you have not felt yours grow yet, you might still experience this when your dentist removes your wisdom teeth in Salt Lake City – with or without a trending video.

Last Set of Teeth

Human beings have 32 teeth, four of which are wisdom teeth. These third molars grow last, coming out in your late teens or early adult years. They are an additional set of teeth that pose no problem if they grow healthy and aligned. More often than not, however, you will need to get a dentist to remove them.

Cause of Removal: Misalignment

When there is not enough room for the new teeth to grow, the rest of your teeth will adjust to make way for them. That causes misalignment and crowding, which can cause severe pain and problems with chewing and speaking.

Cause of Removal: Impacted Tooth

When your dentist says you have impacted wisdom teeth, on the other hand, he means that they failed to grow properly. They could only partially erupt through your gum, or they might still have some soft tissue or your jawbone covering them. An impacted wisdom tooth can be even more painful and can become infected or cause other problems.

Get a Dentist to Remove Them

Should your wisdom teeth show signs of impaction or misalignment, your dentist will be able to identify the problem through a quick check-up and X-ray. You will then undergo wisdom teeth removal like the patients in the videos you watched.

The procedure for removing wisdom teeth may take minutes to hours, depending on the extent of the problem. Have your companions ready their smartphones if your dentist will be putting you under for the procedure. You might star in the next trending post-wisdom teeth removal video.

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