Windows Security: Not Just a Computer Thing

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Windows Security in IndianapolisYou can never keep yourself and your family too safe. Especially during critical times in the economy when people become more desperate and might loot your stuff, you should make sure that each potential entrance to your home is burglar-proof beyond window alarms. 

Here are some tips from Suburban Glass Service, Inc that will help you gain peace of mind, not just when you’re signing off to sleep, but also when you’re out of town and can’t guard your home.

1. Strategic Window Position

An inexpensive and subtle way to protect your home is by positioning windows in strategic places so that it will be hard to even access them. This is something that should be considered from the very beginning of house construction, and should pose no risks of overstepping housing regulations even in Indianapolis. Window repair might become harder if, for example, you choose to position windows higher than normal, but consider the benefit of harder-to-reach windows to your home security before crossing this option out.

2. Strong Glass

Beneficial not just because they are harder to break, but also because break-in attempts will sound louder with them on, reinforced glass is the way to go if you don’t want anything to mar the outside beauty of your house. Of course, glass isn’t the only option. Acrylic plastic windows, also known as plexiglass windows, are 10 times tougher than traditional glass for just about the same thickness, too.

3. Window Fencing and Locks

Something that might make your house look austere is barred windows. With these, you don’t need to use reinforced glass, because burglars won’t fit through the tiny spaces of the bars even if they manage to break the window. Sure, they don’t always look pretty and it’s ill-advised to make them horizontal to avoid looking like jail bars — they might be used as ladders, then — but when it comes to security, function should always trump form.

Securing Windows shouldn't be just about firewalls and other technical mumbo-jumbo. After all, before there was Windows, there were your windows first – and you have to defend it first.

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