Why Your Vehicle Needs Regular Oil Changes

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Car Mechanic changing oilAlmost every car owner, if not all of them, appreciates the fact that vehicles run on oil and gasoline. That sounds a little too obvious to mention until you take some time to think it through, especially on why you need to fill your car with gasoline and change its engine oil every once in a while.

That way, you will see how much of a critical component oil and gas are to maintaining the efficiency of your car. However, as an Audi repair specialist that serves Layton area says, changing the oil is not enough. So, what is more?

Clean Oil

Yes, you read that right. As much as your automotive repair expert advises you to schedule frequent visits to his or her place to change your car engine’s oil, it is imperative you ensure that you use clean and fresh oil in all these instances.

Using old oil will strain your engine and cause it not function optimally, hence shortening its service life.

Why Insist on Changing Oil?

Besides being what your car’s engine runs on, the oil plays a significant role in lubricating all the moving parts of the engine. Without proper lubrication, these metal parts rub against each other so much that the friction from the rubbing can create intense heat.

This can melt the rubber parts of the engine or, worse still, cause an accidental engine fire. Lubricating cuts down chances of these instances from happening by nearly a hundred percent, which ensures your car’s engine runs efficiently.

Also, the oil helps prevent overheating as it cycles through the vehicle’s engine to draws heat from the heat-producing parts.

To keep this oil in its best condition will ensure it serves your car’s engine with its intended purpose sufficiently. Still, car experts insist that you have a role to play by changing the oil often.

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