Why You Should Consider Having a Granny Flat

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Cool wooden shed in allotmentsIf an elderly relative has been having falls and it’s no longer safe for them to live alone, they don’t have to go into a residential home. There is a better solution – a granny flat!

Granny flats are the perfect solution for people who don’t want to grow old too gracefully and hate the idea of a nursing home. They offer independence with family close by ‒ for the best of both worlds.

Many people dislike the idea of having to move to an old people’s home. The common perception is that when a senior goes into a home, they are getting ready to die. Understandably, many of them are resistant when the idea is proposed.  A granny flat is a great solution for seniors who want to remain independent but have a close support network nearby.

Self-Contained Flats

Accessory dwellings are either designed to the customer’s personal specifications or, for a more affordable price, they can be assembled from granny flat kits. They are self-contained and feature all modern conveniences such as kitchens, bathroom or shower rooms and a living area. They can be built with disability in mind and include wheelchair ramps, flat access entrances and spacious rooms, large enough for mobility aids. Seniors will have the reassurance that their family is nearby if needed.

Extension to the Home

A granny flat can be detached or built as an extension to the primary residence. If it is attached to the main property it can be used for other purposes too (for example, extra space for entertaining). If the homeowners want to sell the home, a granny flat will increase the value of their property.

Playroom Facilities

A granny flat makes a great playroom for the little ones, and granny is on hand to babysit, giving mum and dad a break.

Accessory dwellings, or granny flats, provide a way for seniors to stay in familiar surroundings, remain independent with the help of family, and extend the space and value of the property; for these reasons, they are a popular alternative to nursing homes.

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