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Why Suburbs Need Outdoor Recreation Areas

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When you choose a location to live in, it is essential to know what kind of life is waiting for you in your new location. Are there shopping malls, golf courses, hospitals, schools, or race tracks near the area? These are things that you need to know before you commit yourself and sign on the dotted line. You need to know whether the place you will call “home” has the things you need to have a happy life.

The villages that are being developed today are now looking at a holistic living, built on the understanding that families need more than just a roof above their heads and a place to park their car. In Donnybrook, there are real estate projects that will have specific space allotted for outdoor recreation.

Why should real estate developers need to provide outdoor recreation spaces and amenities? There are many benefits to support this proposal.

The Physical Benefits of Recreation

Engaging in recreational activities will spur many physical benefits and it is not just the obvious health perks that regular exercise would bring. There are many real estate projects that already have indoor gyms. There are also benefits from having regular workouts, but the great outdoors will bring about its own advantages.

According to various studies, those who engage in recreational activities have noted high improvements in physical health. For those who go biking, walking, hiking in the summer and even skiing and snowboarding in the winter end up having lower blood pressure and low body fat percentages. They also control their cholesterol levels.

The outdoors have a different effect than the regular, indoor workouts because they promote healthy living and it shows in the workers’ vital signs.

Improved Mental Health

Some studies have conclusive evidence that living in the city, with its congestion and nearly 24-hour activity, takes its toll on its residents. Higher stress levels and anxiety is often reported, specifically, those who have high-pressure jobs and extended work hours.

In the end, we will find that mental wellness plays a pivotal role in physical health. Many of the sick days reported in most offices are stress-related and are complications of mental health conditions.

Outdoor recreation is one way to relieve and release stress, even better than a simple workout. It helps give balance and also takes one to nature, away from the usual urban environment — even if you’re just a few miles away.

Space for Short Adrenalin Rushes

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In the suburban village setting, it is unlikely that you can go white-water rafting, surfing, or even golf, but they can offer more than just lifting weights and the treadmill. There are villages that already have bike trails, one of the more popular sports emerging for urbanites because it is relatively low impact and it takes you farther than just walking or running. It offers an adrenalin rush without having to wait for the weekend.

It would be best to choose a suburban location that also has up to 50 hectares of recreational space. It sends a signal that the developer actually cares about the welfare of its residents. Seeing how there are many benefits connected to outdoor activities, maybe it should be on the priority list.

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