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Why Scalp Care Should Be Part of Your Beauty Routine

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Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. A lot of people, however, forget to take care of their scalp and focus only on their tresses. This should not be the case.

Oily, dry, or red and itchy scalp can be an indicator of underlying problems. You can have dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic eczema and other conditions. When your scalp is not healthy, your hair will be unhealthy too. This could eventually lead to hair loss.

This is why it is very important to include scalp care in your regular skin and hair care regimen. So, how do you take care of your scalp?

Massage Your Scalp

By massaging your scalp, you encourage blood flow and stabilize blood circulation around the scalp area. It helps to spread the oils that your roots secrete to keep your strands strong and hydrated.

Use coconut oil to boost the overall health of your hair. Hair oils are best for hair growth. They also work as natural conditioners, as they are infused with essential vitamins and minerals that are perfect for nourishing the scalp.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

As much as possible, do not wash your hair every day. If you do, use a mild shampoo. Washing your hair very often tends to damage it and dry up the scalp. Your hair will lose its natural moisture and the natural oils will be washed off your scalp. Dry scalp is the leading culprit for hair loss.

Use Hair Conditioners Regularly

Hair conditioning is a must if you want to keep your hair healthy, smooth, soft and shiny all the time. For deep conditioning, use luxury hair conditioners with organic and natural ingredients. Conditioners not only work on the hair, but they also nourish the scalp and keep it healthy. One good tip to follow is not to scrimp on the kind of conditioner you use.

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Stay Away From Hair Dyes

Coloring your hair often will make it dry and brittle. Hair dyes have ammonia as their active bleaching agent, and this can cause serious harm to your scalp. Additionally, medical experts say that hair colorants contain carcinogens that can increase the risk for certain cancers in women.

Take Hair Vitamins

Ask your dermatologist about hair vitamins that you can take to boost your hair growth and keep your strands healthy. This is ideal for both women and men who style their hair often because of work. Models, celebrities and public personalities, for example, have their hair ironed, permed, colored and treated all the time. These vitamins and supplements are capable of providing the nutrients needed for healthier scalp and hair.

Wear Protection for Your Hair

Keep your strands protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun by using a scarf or a hat whenever you are out. Direct exposure to sunlight can also cause your scalp to become sunburned. Additionally, protective gear also keeps dust and pollutants away from your scalp.

The quality of products you put on your hair and scalp have a direct bearing on their health. If you feel itchy or if flecks of skin are falling from your scalp, see a doctor immediately. Sometimes, hormones and stress levels also affect your hair and scalp health, so better have these symptoms checked as soon as you can.

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