When Young Athletes Are Low on Morale, Cheer Them On

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Young Athletes TrainingWhen a young athlete feels down, parents and coaches are their first and most important cheerleaders. When extensive training days or a bad season begin to take their toll on young athletes, they need all the support they can get. How can you show them your support? Here are some ways:

Cheer Them On

Watch their games, and ask fellow parents to do the same. To take the morale boosting up a notch, you may want to wear fan shirts from custom shirt makers, such as Tee Vision Printing, with their team’s logo on it. Bring banners and cheer them on. Your younger kids will appreciate this show of support, as it makes them feel that their parents are immensely proud of them.

Give Them a Pat on the Back

A simple pat on the back because of some job well done can do wonders in boosting the morale of these school athletes. If one player does something right, he would feel really good that someone appreciates it. A simple pat on the back or positive comments that recognize their efforts can go a long way.

Reward Them

Show them that their achievements matter by rewarding them. For example, if the child won a game, have a special family dinner to celebrate. You may also want to treat the entire team to ice cream or a movie night, for that amazing teamwork they showed. Celebrate their victories and reward them; that way, they’ll have the motivation to do well in their next games.

If they lose, recognize the effort they’ve put into play well that day. Make their favorite dessert for them, and talk about how that catch, throw or defense was amazing. Give them affirmation, and assure them that they’re the winner for you, anyway.  

Young athletes may lack motivation at times, and as parents and coaches, you have to offer your support to help them get back in the game. Get started by trying out the above tips.

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