What’s on the Table: Eating like a Model

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eatingIt takes a lot to become a legitimate model – from your walks and posture to self-discipline and body figure. To maintain their thin physique, many models resort to special diets. Cutting down their food intake is not enough, as they need a lot of energy and physical strength in their line of work.

To maximise your potential as a model, you have to pay attention to your overall wellness. Perth modelling agency Pure Models pointed out that “This is not only essential for maintaining your appearance, but also enhances mental focus, increases energy levels, improves moods, and results in better posture.”

You must eat the right food to get sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins that your body needs for better growth and development. Here is a look at some of the common foods that models often eat.

Fruits and Vegetables

Eat what elders have been telling you eat – vegetables. You can have a slim figure and healthy skin with green foods. Some models suggest eating about 300 to 400g a day. Most of them prefer tomatoes because it has A & C vitamins, potassium, and many other minerals.

Fruits will always be a part of a healthy diet. Most experienced models suggest aspiring ones to eat a lot of citruses rich in C vitamins. You can eat this as a fruit or mix it up with liquids and make it a drink. Some, meanwhile, prefer apples. No matter what fruit you choose, eat at least 300g of it per day.

Dairy Products Rich in Calcium

Part of being a model is to stand and walk for excessive hours. You can achieve this by making your bones stronger. Eat dairy products because they are rich in calcium. This benefits models because it helps keep the teeth white.

Healthy and Nutritional Drinks

For beverages, they highly discourage sodas and other gastric drinks. Green tea and lemon water are ideal because it improves digestion and provides glow in the skin. If you want to drink juice, make sure that it’s fresh and not powdered. Milk, likewise, is healthy because of its calcium and zinc.

To be a good model, you need to have the right physical asset. With these foods in your diet, you can keep your body fit and maintain it for long. Stay disciplined with what you eat, and see how it helps you.

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