What to Do with an Old Car: Weighing Your Options

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An old car parked outside a building You can do quite a few things with an old car. For different reasons, people hang on to old cars with thousands of kilometres on them. They might keep an old beater for its perceived sentimental value, such as when it’s the owner’s first car or if it had been handed down to them by a loved one. Sometimes the reason is economics; a new car is not exactly cheap.

Whatever reason you have for hanging on to an old auto, here are some things you can do with it.

Restore it

Everybody loves a classic. If you can get your hands on all-original parts from a bygone era, or at least some equivalent parts that look almost the same, you can restore an old car to its former glory. Beware, however, of the cost of restoration. Some cars cost more to restore than to replace with a brand new one. Also, even if you can restore its good looks, keeping the engine reliable is another story.

Customise it

If you don’t want to restore it, or can’t find the original parts you want any more, try customising it. A project car is usually well-loved for its uniqueness. Even if there are a hundred cars of the same make and model on the road, yours will probably look very different, and that’s what will give you the satisfaction. Customising doesn’t come cheap, though. Often, even third party or aftermarket parts are pricey and installing non-OEM parts may affect your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Sell it

Of course, your old beater is not likely to fetch a good sum anymore because of its age. But at least that’s something you can add to your funds for a newer model. If the car doesn’t run anymore, sell it to car dismantlers in Christchurch. Beats having it end up in a landfill and get nothing in return. At least with this option, you’ll get paid to take it out of your property.

Cars are a necessary part of any landscape, but like people, they get old and break too. You can try to save your old vehicle for a while, but it’s best to start working on it or get rid of it before it turns into a semi-permanent, ugly fixture on your property.

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