What Makes Bull Riding So Cool in the Eyes of Children

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Bull RidingMany kids love bull riding and they would normally follow the way clothing, the expressions and the characteristics of bull riders. Take a look at some reasons why many kids regard bull riding as cool.

Bull riding is a famous rodeo sport that ushers in a lot of followers. It is an equally dangerous, yet totally cool sport that many women often swoon over rodeo stars. For children, you will immediately know that he is a bull riding fan because he would be sporting those famous clothing that those living in the West often sport.

The Popularity

Of course, one thing that amazes children is the high regard that is being given to bull riders. Yes, professional riders are really popular. They are also even considered all-time money earners because they get to earn millions in a year, as illustrated by PBR.

Some children would wear bull riders hooey clothing, with the help of A.A. Callister, just to feel that they are also cool like their idols.

The Cowboy Hat

The famous cowboy hat is known almost everywhere. You can easily identify it at a first glance. But do you know that real cowboys and cowgirls give so much reverence to this hat? One rule that cowboys follow is to set their hats on a flat surface with the brim-side up. If you would be setting your hat with the brim-side down, you run the risk of deforming your hat later on. With this in mind, kids learn at an early age never to set their cowboy hats with the brim-side down.

The Crucial 8-Seconds

Bull riders are required to stay on top of the bull for eight seconds. Within the eight seconds, they must not fall, their other hand must not touch the bull, the equipment or themselves. If they “touch” before the end of eight seconds, then that would not be scored because scoring only takes place if a ride reaches eight seconds. While it may be quite easy to state, bull riders don’t find these 8 seconds very easy because a lot of them get thrown off the bull before they reach the last second. For children, this is a really cool thing.

Now you see why bull riding is a very popular sport. It is a dangerously fun rodeo sport that people go crazy over. In the eyes of kids, it seems that the man who hangs on for dear life on the back of the bull is the coolest guy in the world ever.

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