What it Takes to be a Skilled Pilot

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Skilled PilotA lot of people travel the world for business trips, visits to loved ones or even just a holiday. Their safety is at the hands of the plane crew, especially the pilots.

Pilots are one of the most skilled people in the world. Their duties require courage, assurance and proper conditioning. Before they acquire these, pilots start off as students in aviation schools. Singapore Aviation Academy says students need to take up the aviation programs necessary to develop their skills.

What are the top skills they must learn?

A+ Study Habits

They are usually bombarded with a lot of information in a short time. They need to learn how to absorb and process information fast and with accuracy. 

Learning from Mistakes

No one is perfect. With all the technical details they handle, they may make mistakes. Students who are striving to be pilots may start wondering if they made the right decision or if they’d ever get it right. However, one thing is for sure: The only way to continue is to move on and learn from your mistakes.

Quick Decision Making

Flying in the air is different from flying on roads. Pilots should expect the unexpected during their flights. Because of this, they need to learn how to decide fast in given situations. This is because a mere second in decision making can change the outcome of any flight activity that might’ve gone wrong.


Flights are always scheduled. If a pilot is late, it would automatically delay a flight and no one–not the employer and certainly not the passengers–wants that. It is better to arrive prepared and punctual, whether in flight or in an aviation academy, to show that you are at the top of the game.

A Sense of Adventure                                 

Being a pilot is an interesting career. They get to travel the world and meet new people as a part of their job. However, there are times when trainings are quite monotonous. With this, they need to develop their sense of adventure to enjoy their studies and avoid stress.

There are different kinds of aviation programs in different schools. Learn these essential skills to be a qualified pilot in no time. 

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