What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleep?

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Woman Sleeping In BedExperts cite that the temperature of the room where you sleep and your comfort level affects how long and well you snooze. According to H. Craig Heller, PhD, a professor at Stanford University cites that “when one sleeps, a person’s set point for body temperature (the temperature one’s brain is trying to attain) goes down.” When it’s too cold or too hot, your body begins to struggle to sleep well and long.

Determining the Ideal Temperature for Sleep

Experts agree that identifying an exact temperature range is difficult, because what is ideal for one person may be different for someone else. While the ideal temperature range is from 18.33C to 22.22C, experts that you can set the temperatures based on your comfort levels. Other strategies that create ideal sleeping conditions include patterning your bedroom like a cave, which is cool, dark and quiet. Avoid using memory foam pillows even if they feel good, because they make you feel hot while sleeping. Keep your feet as warm as possible, because if your feet get cold, you will likely wake up.

If it gets too cold, you might need central heating solutions to get to a comfortable temperature. The heating system and air conditioning of your home must be set at the thermal level you or anyone else in your house is comfortable in.

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

Without the right number of hours of sleep, one will feel lethargic and tired at school or work. They will not be able to function and do their routines properly. At work, the performance of employees will drop and the likelihood of sickness increases.

To avoid these problems, always make sure you get enough rest before going to work or school. The temperature and comfort level of your bedroom is one of the keys to getting a good night’s rest.

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