What Happens with a Worn Out Tire

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Worn Tire in Orem CityThe average lifespan of a city-used tire is around a year. This could change depending on the terrain and usage frequency. Certain road surfaces have higher traction, such as asphalt, which wears tires faster.

Orem City auto repair specialists remind drivers to pay attention always to the signs because tires nearing its limit could pose many risks.

Skidding and sliding

The patterned grip along the outer layer of the tire is what makes it hold to the terrain. As it wears off, traction between the tire and the surface of the road decreases. Wheels sliding after a strong press of the break or being stuck in rough terrain are the likely results of a heavily worn tire.

Sudden bursts and explosions

As the rubber thins down, it is easier for foreign road objects to puncture a hole through the air reserve of the worn out tire. It only takes one failure to trigger a series of domino effect. As a result, running over a small piece of sharp rock could potentially trigger a wheel to explode. The burst could result to an erratic change in movement, especially when the vehicle is travelling at high speeds.

When the conditions are ideal, a worn tire is all that it takes to create a jumble of vehicles that would endanger the lives of people, whether the driver or innocent bystanders.

However, with the price of tires, replacement is not usually that easy. However, second hand wheels are always a good choice. They serve as good backup and contingency plan while waiting for real replacements.

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