Weekend Getaway: Three Ways to Spend Your Short Break in the UK

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Ways to Spend Your Short Break in the UKAre you tired and bored of spending your short breaks by camping, going to caravan parks, strolling in malls or staying at home? Brits make the most of their short or weekend breaks by exploring the towns and countrysides of the UK.

You will be surprised to find historical places, old-fashioned villages and breathtaking countrysides offering mountain hikes, notable pubs, wild coastline and unusual sports.

Go Nerd with History

Take a break and relax while soaking in the Roman spas of England’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Bath. Learn the roots of the relaxing baths from the remains of the Temple of Sulis Minerva and take in the honey-stone Georgian crescents and terraces. You can also feel the old times with their traditional sweet shop, haberdashery and tea specialists.

Go on a mile-long stroll along the yellow-coloured villages of Cotswolds that run beside the River Eye. Explore the 1790 prison, the Cotswold Discovery Centre, on the edge of Northleach.

Amuse yourself with the ancient towers of Edinburgh Castle and the neoclassical buildings in Scotland. Tour the Old Town’s Reformation Era streets and go to another World Heritage Site, Calton Hill.

Tackle the Coastline

Visit the Southwold Pier beach in Suffolk with your family, where you can go boating while kids enjoy in the amusement pier. After that, fill yourself up with their local ales and specialties such as smoked salmon, cheeses and honey.

For a more energetic short break, try a wave ski lesson in the Watergate Bay in Cornwall. Breathe in the medieval harbours and oaks along the creeks, and play beach games or build sandcastles at Daymer Bay.

After gazing out towards the Great Glen at the top of Scotland’s Ben Nevis, travel down to the seashore of the Isle of Harris and bask on its white sand.

Go Current with Art

London offers many exhibitions and events throughout the year. You can spend your break touring museums and art galleries, such as the British Museum, Natural History Museum and the V&A Museum.

For contemporary art lovers, travel across Glasgow with its 19th-century heritage or go to Scotland’s cutting-edge theatres.

Discover the home of The Beatles in Liverpool, the World Capital of Pop. Sing along in their music festivals, open mic nights and live performances.

You do not need to spend much to have a fun-filled and worthy short break. Stop sulking in your comfort zone, and explore the hidden beauty that the UK can offer even for a short while.

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