We Are By Your Side for Your Braces in Kings Hill

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It’s a big decision when someone goes for braces in Kings Hill. They are committing to a treatment that may take as long as 2, maybe even 3, years to complete. Then there may be another year wearing a retainer to hold the teeth in place while the bone settles down around them. It’s a long old haul, and not one that people undertake lightly.

So, it’s important to find a good, supportive dentist who knows about braces in Kings Hill. There are several in the area, including One Smile Oral Care.

Patients need to see their dentist every few weeks for adjustments so that the treatment stays on schedule. But there are also times when things can go wrong, and another appointment may be necessary.

Loose bands or ligatures

Bands and ligatures should be tight, but if one comes loose or comes off, it’s not an emergency and the patient can wait until their next scheduled appointment to get it sorted out.

Protruding wire

Sometimes wires can come loose and stick out. If this happens, use brace wax to cover it. If that doesn’t work, come in to get it trimmed.

Loose brackets, wires or bands

This is one to ring up about immediately. Dental staff can advise on whether or not to come in straight away or whether it can wait until the next scheduled appointment.

Sore mouths

Braces in Kings Hill can cause irritation and soreness inside the mouth. Braces may:

  • Feel uncomfortable, which is perfectly normal after they have just been fitted or adjusted. If they have not settled down after a few days, call the surgery for a chat about it.
  • Create mouth ulcers, which may not be the stuff of emergencies, but they can be very painful. Put soothing gel on them. This can be bought over the counter.
  • Irritate lips and cheeks. This may happen during eating. Relief wax can ease the pain. Roll up a small piece and flatten it to cover the irritated area.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Most people only wear braces in Kings Hill once in their lives. The dentist deals with them every day. So don’t be afraid to ring up with any questions or worries.

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