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Ways to Avoid Home Break-ins

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Regardless of where you live, it is always important to make sure your home is safe and secure. With the rising number or home thefts and intrusions, it pays to know the ways to protect your home.

home security systems

Here are a few simple steps to keep the bad guys away:

1. Make your home look occupied and difficult to break in. Switch on a few lights in your residence and lock all outside doors and windows before you leave. Invest in a strong door and frame with quality locks.

2. Install an ADT home security system to protect your home and family from danger. Security systems are configured to monitor doors and windows. These can also detect, smoke, heat, freezing temperatures, and rising water. Contact an ADT authorized dealer to know the type of security system that can benefit your home.

3. Improve your home security by making simple adjustments to your doors. Make sure you have adequate locks and secure fittings. If you have sliding doors, install special locks for better security. Put a rod or dowel on the back track of sliding doors.

4. Tall shrubs and overgrown trees are perfect hiding places for burglars. Cut any tall tree branches that reach the upper story windows. Trim large bushes or tree branches regularly to eliminate shadows that may help intruders hide.

Never assume that your home will never fall victim to a burglary or theft incident. Contact reliable security company to get the home monitoring systems you need and do your part in ensuring your safety.

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