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Upholstery Cleaning: Pointers to Keep Your Upholstered Furniture Looking Fab

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upholstery cleaningA few yards of fabric that constitute the upholstery can work wonders to improve the aesthetics of the furniture in your home. But, how long the upholstery remains bright and clean is entirely in your hands. Your best bet towards keeping the upholstery clean is to call professionals who can provide a thorough cleaning job.

Boss Systems shares a few handy tips you could use to achieve the same goal.

Basic Cleaning

First, be sure to clean the upholstery on a regular basis. This would include the following:

• Vacuuming the soft furnishings
• Dusting the cushions and letting them dry under the sun
• Rotating and flipping the cushions
• If possible, introduce an eating and drinking ban on the couches and sofas to keep food debris off them

Remove the Stains Quickly

The best way to remove that ugly stain on the upholstery is to give it a quick remedy. Use the following tricks to remove any stain from the couches and cushions as soon as possible:

• Blot the stain.
• Use a mild bleaching solution.
• Use water based cleaners or solvents based on the type of stain.
• Clean with simple soap and water.

Some cleaners that you could use are hydrogen peroxide, liquid detergents and shampoo cleaners. Also, think of using green and non-toxic cleaners. These could include something as simple as ingredients off the kitchen shelves such as baking soda or something just as mild, but highly effective.

Deep Cleaning

In addition to all these, once or twice a year, remove all the cushion and sofa covers and machine wash them in cold or warm water. But, if removing the upholstery is not an option, be sure to call professionals who can handle these tasks.

Clean the upholstery in your home on a regular basis and keep your home looking fresh and clean.

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