Update Your Bathroom with Simple Decorating Ideas

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bathroomBathrooms with limited spaces present design and decorating challenges. It is common for homeowners to struggle with whether or not you should follow a consistent theme in the entire space or combine different elements from various design styles.

The good news is, you don’t need a big space to have a pretty bathroom. You can benefit from simple tweaks to make it a little more attractive and efficient. All you have to do is to implement simple decorating ideas to have a bath that you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom International shares a few simple decorating ideas to update the look of your bathroom.

Fun and Interesting

One of the easiest ways to make the space more interesting is to have a colour palette. Whether you want to use pastel, bold or contemporary hues, a palette can help unify your bathroom décor. You can choose to implement a colour scheme throughout the space using wallpaper, paint and accessories such as toiletries, storage containers and linens.

Height and Depth

Patterns are another way to unify your bathroom décor. It is easy to add height and depth to your space with surface patterns. Wallpapers with vertical stripes, for instance, add a sense of height to your bath space, while a tile work on wall that is perpendicular to flooring creates further depth. Just make sure to use a pattern or wallpaper that complements your chosen theme.

More Visual Interest

Artworks can add a visual interest to the entire décor. You can choose to hang photographs of family members, pets, sceneries, movie posters, or even your own artwork. It is best to use simple frames, as they work with almost any type of wall art. Bath time art, vintage posters and canvas prints are also perfect for sprucing up your bathroom space.

When thinking about decorating ideas for your bathroom, always consider the size and scope of your project. Take note of the bathroom space you need or want to decorate. After determining whether you want to decorate the entire space or just add several embellishments, you can start looking for items that complement your décor scheme.

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