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Unisex Clothing Options for Your Little One

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baby clothingAssembling a suitable wardrobe is part of the challenges in preparing for a new baby. Fortunately, there are plenty of shopping options and interesting items to include in your baby’s wardrobe. One practical clothing option is unisex clothing. This type of clothing provides a great deal of flexibility in dressing your newborn child. You can find unisex baby clothes at online stores and malls.

Unisex clothing is suitable for both girls and boys. It is usually made of solid coloured fabrics or simple prints. If you’re expecting but still don’t know the gender of your baby, unisex clothing items are an excellent choice. Here are the common unisex clothing pieces you can purchase.


Onesies are little T-shirt garments that can cover the diaper area and snap between baby’s legs. This covers the back and abdomen of your baby and makes changing them very easy. For parents who want unisex onesies, you can purchase these garments in solid colours.


T-shirts are great choice for unisex clothing for babies. You can choose T-shirts for your newborn in many colours and pair them with jeans and stretchy pants.


You can find unisex pajamas with solid colours, simple prints, and popular cartoon character designs. Pajamas are the ideal clothing when your baby is sleeping or feeling under the weather. A selection of unisex pajamas for your baby is a good clothing choice most times.


Denim clothing is an excellent unisex choice for your baby. You can buy jeans, shorts, and overalls and put on them on a girl or boy. Denim pieces are usually durable for crawlers and go along well with most shirts and other outfits.

Hooded Jackets

Hooded jackets are available in basic colours and are suitable for either a boy or girl. The most popular unisex colours of hooded jackets include green, yellow, and light blue. You can give these clothing pieces to other babies when they are outgrown.

Bonus Tip:

As babies have sensitive skin, they are more vulnerable to pest residue found in clothing. Choose organic baby clothing or those garments made without toxic substances. Organic cotton is a healthier option as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

You don’t need to worry in finding stylish unisex clothes for your baby. There are plenty of baby clothing stores that offer unisex clothes just as adorable as gender-specific clothes.

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