Understanding Modern Trends in Hairdressing

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happy young woman and hairdresser with hair iron making hairdo at hair salonYour hair is your ‘crowning glory.’ It is understandable that most people always ensure it is in pristine condition. You cannot, however, trust just anyone to take care of your hair. Getting a well-equipped salon with qualified hairdressers in Tauranga is essential.

You could ask for a consultation before making an appointment to ensure the salon you choose is the right one. You need not stick to the same boring hairstyles daily; try out new things. Here are some of the latest trends in hairdressing you could try out.

Coloured Hair

Some years ago, people would have shuddered at coloured hair. This is becoming more acceptable and is now here to stay. With the broad range of hair colours available, you could even opt to change your hair colour each month.

Golden ombre, burnt orange, chocolate mauve, jewel tones, strawberry rose and baby blonde are some of the trendiest colours currently.

Natural and Organic Hair Products

The increasing awareness regarding hair health and the need for healthy products, there has been a shift towards organic and natural products. These products are free of irritants and harmful chemicals.

Though typically more costly than other products, the benefits they offer your hair and overall health are tremendous.


Most ladies are opting for a natural look, and braids are back. Goddess braids and box braids are currently the hottest trends. You can style both types in many ways to suit virtually any occasion.

They are, however, not suitable for all types of hair. It is hence best to get your hairdresser’s opinion before trying them.

To maximise your time at the salon, you can get spa treatments fitted in with your hairdressing appointments. Going to a two-in-one salon, commonly called a “spalon,” which combines a spa and hair salon is the way to get this. This arrangement also typically comes with discounts and is hence a great way to save money.

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