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Types of Construction Site Lighting

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The construction sector is currently the fastest growing worldwide. Billions of people are employed to work on construction projects daily. It might be the best choice for those looking for an investment opportunity with guaranteed profits. However, getting a lucrative contract and the best workers is only half of the equation. The other half lies in choosing the right materials.

Most construction experts take considerable time choosing the right supplies including adhesives, such as wood glue for sale online, and construction materials like bricks. In the confusion typical of ensuring you have all the supplies, most people overlook the safety and optimal working conditions of their site. One of these is the construction site’s lighting.

There are various aspects involved in construction, and relying on natural light might not be a wise choice. This not only puts your workers at high risk of injuries since they might not see clearly; it also compromises your construction’s overall design and integrity.

Here are the options for illuminating your construction site:

Lighting Towers

These are the most common in construction sites since they illuminate large areas. Lighting towers are generally equipped with a retractable mast and generator and have 2-6 lighting fixtures at the highest point of the pole. The masts in lighting towers can be a maximum of 30 feet, and some rotate up to 360 degrees to give your site maximum light coverage.

Some manufacturers now have solar lighting towers, which require no generators and can offer continuous lighting for up to 36 hours. They also have no risk of introducing gasoline fumes into your site, unlike petrol-powered generators.

Nite Lights

Machine with lightThese are relatively new lighting options for construction sites. They comprise a portable form of lighting that holds halide metal lamps with about 400 watts, which are covered using light-diffusing materials. They are used for the provision of soft light in construction sites.

Balloon Lighting

This will generally be used as fixed stations or equipment-mounted lights on construction sites. Balloon lights are the ideal choice for lighting flagger locations where your workers should be clearly visible. These lights have fabric covers and are inflated using air or helium and then mounted on stands.

High-Mast Lighting

This option, unlike the others that are temporary solutions, provides semi-permanent lighting. High-mast lighting is composed of lighting luminaries, which are installed on high-mast poles. High-mast lighting meets the OSHA requirement for Level I illumination for work areas. This lighting alternative is, however, complicated and will require the installation of hard electrical wiring. It should also be handled by an experienced lighting professional.

Putting together a successful construction site requires a lot of supplies, and it is easy to forget some. It is prudent to get the ones you need from one supplier rather than spreading your acquisitions. Some people assume that construction site lighting is designed for those who need to work at night. The above types of lighting are not just meant for illumination of your site and protection of your workers, but will also protect your site at night. This way, you will not suffer the costly downtime and losses associated with the theft of construction supplies.

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