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Truths to Hold Onto When Dealing With Toxic Individuals in Life

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Everyone wants to experience success at something they pursue. It can be related to studies, business, and even your home life. But when you’re living with toxic individuals, it can be quite a struggle to move towards success. It can also be more of a challenge when you do reach your goals. When you’re starting to get pressured because of your achievements, then it would be helpful to hold on to these truths. They will help you keep yourself sane, healthy, and successful.

You Can Maintain Distance

You might feel that you have an obligation to stick with the people you currently live with despite their toxicity. Some of them might be your “friends,” and some of them may even be your family members. But what’s keeping you from keeping your distance? What’s stopping you from getting enclosed exotic car transport and moving somewhere else? If they’re not bringing anything good to your relationship and instead are sucking away at you, then it’s alright to put some distance between you, even if it’s just to ignore their advances.

You Can Say No

We have been mostly taught that saying “no” is a bad thing. But what some of us don’t realize is that it also helps protect our well-being when appropriately used. For example, when you’re being given unreasonable demands to fulfill, saying “no” will help you keep your stamina and sanity intact. You can then put in your efforts toward more positive and productive activities. They might get angry at you, but remember that just as much as you don’t have control over them, they don’t have any over you.

You Can Forgive but Remember

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People like using the words “forgive and forget” when they’re talking about forgiveness. However, while it’s okay to set your heated feelings aside, it’s not healthy to act as if nothing wrong was done. When toxic individuals get the idea that they can get away with whatever harm they’ve done to another person, the tendency is to do it again. You can forgive people when they say sorry, but you are also free to tell them that they should not be repeating it, especially with you.

You Can Be Yourself

One of the main struggles when dealing with toxic people is the feeling that you have to check yourself often when you’re with them. However, as mentioned earlier, no one has any actual control over what you do with your life. Toxic individuals certainly don’t have it, either. You have the power to make your own decisions and follow through with them. You also have the right to enjoy the fruits of your success in peace.

Toxic people will want to tie you down to them, especially when you’ve achieved something great, but the truth is that you have no obligations to them at all. Likely, they haven’t contributed positively to your current state, so they have no right to it unless you give it. It can be a good idea to share your joy, but it’s best to exercise choice and select who to share it with. You’ll end up being happier for it.

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