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Top Ways to Keep Your Chimney in Top Shape

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Red roof with chimneyMany people take for granted the critical utility provided by a chimney. It allows them to bring in fire that warms their homes in winter. As useful as a chimney is, it can also be a risk and a hazard if not taken care of properly. In fact, it can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. From repairing your chimney lining in Connecticut to other essential and critical tasks, here are all you need to do to keep your chimney safe and functional:

Clean it up

Sometimes, the simplest way to head off problems is to keep things clean. The simplest of cleaning jobs can be done by you or anyone in your family. This is especially true if the chimney is relatively new. You simply have to sweep the interior with a long broom to clear the built-up soot and dirt. If your chimney is relatively older and you are not sure just how dirty it is, you are better off hiring experts who have experience with cleaning chimneys. This ensures that the job is done right with no mistakes.

Inspect it

If your chimney lining is starting to wear out or the chimney itself is getting on in years, there is a chance that it might be becoming a fire risk. In order to ensure the safety of your family, it is critical that you get your chimney inspected and checked carefully by those who are certified to do so. The most basic of inspections is superficial and is normally conducted as an annual standard. While this is normally sufficient, if you suspect that the chimney is already advanced in years, then you should go for something more in-depth and intense.

Get repairs

Worker cleaning the chimneyMost people minimize the need for repairs on their chimney. Because it is a home component that is generally so out of sight, it often falls out of mind as well. This can be very dangerous as different components carry different risks—all of which are actually terrible fire hazards. Oftentimes, a necessary repair follows a careful inspection. Provided that you have hired a dependable team to do the inspection, you can also count on them to be able to make the best recommendations on what repairs need to be done.

Get replacements

If worse does come to worst and a repair is not enough to get things done, you should not hesitate to get replacements on necessary components. This is especially true if recommendations to that end are in order. Do not skip out on this recommendation, especially if a potential fire risk is involved.

You rely on your chimney far more than you might think. That is especially true when the climate gets so much colder. It is very critical then that you keep it in the best shape possible always. This is not just a matter of continued functionality; it is also about keeping you and your family safe. Follow these four tips, and you can be sure that your chimney will always be in the best shape.

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