Top Uses for Fabric Buildings

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Fabric dome for research or personal lodgingWhen it comes to large-scale undertakings, it is important to be able to set up operations and lodging facilities as quickly as possible. Relatively easy to set up, durable and low-maintenance, fabric buildings – like the ones offered by firms such as DomeShelter Australia – are the structure of choice.

Here are the top uses of these structures.

Research and excavation

Fabric buildings are ideal for on-site research and excavation projects. You can easily transport and assemble them near the research location. Also, they are made of materials that can withstand different environments, from which is ideal for housing sensitive equipment.

Personnel lodging

Large-scale undertakings such as military or scientific operations naturally require lodging for hundreds, if not thousands, of people, as quickly and as hassle-free as possible, particularly in locations where existing lodging facilities are not available.

Fabric buildings are portable, be arranged to house any number of people and, most importantly, strong enough to protect from the elements.

Vehicle housing and maintenance

Huge on-site operations such as research and military operations use various vehicles and machinery. These vehicles and equipment can range from small drills and carts to tanks and big aircraft. Fabric building makes excellent housing for vehicles and equipment.

They protect against extreme heat and cold, and they can be constructed to enormous sizes (think aircraft hangars) so you will not only have a place for your vehicles but also have room to perform maintenance procedures.


Extensive undertakings such as scientific research or military operations require huge storage facilities on site to house important findings and other sensitive information. They also demand the storage of delicate and proprietary paraphernalia.

You will discover the ease of use when employing fabric buildings. They are so portable; you can use them for any purpose conceivable. The possibilities are endless.

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