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Top 3 Features That Make Walk-in Tubs Perfect for the Elderly

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elderly woman in a tubPeople with joint and mobility issues experience difficulties in their everyday lives. Taking a bath, for instance, is oftentimes inconvenient and challenging. Good thing, there are tubs designed for their unique needs.

Walk-in tubs provide the elderly and people with disabilities a convenient and comfortable bathing experience a regular tub cannot provide. Walk-in tubs for the elderly have different features to make things easier and safer. Here are some of their top features:


Walk-in tubs have a door that opens and closes, located on either the side or front of the bathtub. This feature allows the user to get in and out easily and safely. In traditional tubs, you have to lift your legs, which is potentially challenging and dangerous for elders and people with mobility concerns.

Tubs with doors that open inward are watertight. For users who need to move into the tub from a wheelchair, an outward-opening door is the better option. Note, however, this type requires additional space in the bathroom.

Added Depth

Water in traditional standard tubs has an average depth of one foot, whereas walk-in tubs are about 2.5 feet deep. This added depth allows for elders to relax as they soak in the tub. The spa-like experience offered by the tub may even help ease joint and muscle discomfort. Remember that the user’s unique comfort needs are to be considered when choosing a tub.

Shower Features

Tubs have built-in shower seats that are around 17 inches tall. The seat has a textured non-slip surface for the user’s safety. Many units also have handheld showerheads for a more convenient bathing. Others feature an adjustable raised showerhead.

Many advanced walk-in tubs have various features for added comfort. Some include hydrotherapy, aerotherapy, in-line heaters, and even bubble jets.

Manufacturers and retailers offer tubs of different features, so it is wise to compare your options before buying a unit. Explore the market for different brands, models, and features to find the perfect choice.

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