Motel in New South Wales

Three Important Factors in the Success of Your Motel

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Motel in New South WalesA motel is a rewarding business. It is a lucrative enterprise that never goes out of style, as there will always be people who travel and need a place to stay. There are considerations, however, as there are in any other business. How lucrative your motel is depends on a number of factors.


Many factors have to come together to make sure your motel has guests most – if not all – the time, but perhaps the most important factor is location. The experts at Resort Brokers Australia believe that where your motel is located will dictate how much business it generates. A highway, for example, that leads to a tourist or business destination can be a good option. When you meet motel brokers in territories like New South Wales, they could advise you on the right location of the motel you wish to buy.


The members of your staff have just as much to do with how guests feel about your motel as the accommodations themselves. Even if you have the best rooms in town, if your staff is rude, easily confused, or not very helpful or polite, your guests would rather stay somewhere else. It is best to hire people who have experience or to send your staff to a training course in motel management and housekeeping.


When guests unpack in a motel room, all they want is a hot shower and a warm bed. They are likely tired from their journey. However, a nice shower and a soft, warm bed are not the only considerations. Everything works as part of a system. Free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, clean quarters, maybe a convenience store right next to the motel or in the motel itself – these all add up to give your guests a pleasant experience. If they ever return to the area, or a friend asks for recommendations, guess which motel they’ll suggest?

Different factors come into play when you want to please your motel guests. From the room rates to the facilities and everything in between, you want to give them the best experience, and in return you get an increase in your profit margins.

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