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Three Easy Suggestions for Choosing the Right Perfume for You

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Now that you are working and earning on your own, you deserve to smell better than your teenage years. You deserve a perfume that’s more you than the same one you’ve been wearing since you were in sixth grade. One of the biggest signs that you’re finally an adult is that you start looking for things that will represent you. A statement scent can become an extension of you.

The first thing you need to know is whether you have allergies to any ingredients in the perfume. If you have, find a skin doctor in Salem or another city and ask what other things you must avoid so that they will not trigger your allergic reactions. It is important to note that your skin cannot tolerate certain ingredients. Before purchasing a perfume, read the labels very carefully to know what you’re getting into.

Once you are sure that there’s nothing in the labels that will trigger your allergies, you are now ready to pick your favorite scent based on these three tips:

Understand What Top, Middle, and Bottom Notes Mean in Perfumes

Walking along the perfume aisle of Macy’s while overbearing salespeople push their products to your nose can be overwhelming and confusing. Not to mention, it can be intimidating, too. Here are all these people who know about woody and citrus scents while you’re just beginning to navigate this world.

You need to learn the lingo of these salespeople. Technically, there are three things you need to remember: the top note, heart note, and base note. The top note is the first scent you’ll smell. It fades away after 15 minutes. The middle scent or heart note is the one that stays the longest. It is the body of the perfume. The base note is the one that lingers long after the top and middle notes have gone. These are heavier scents that can last until the night.

You can love the top note and hate the middle and base notes, but this means having only the scent you love on for 15 minutes. You can have it vice versa, too, where you hate the top note but love the scent that will be left on your skin throughout the day.

Leave the Store When Smelling Different Scents


Get as many perfume strips as you can, but don’t smell those in the store. You will fail at detecting the right scent because the fragrance will mingle with all the others in the air. You cannot make a well-informed decision with this setup. Take those strips of perfumes with you outside and take your first whiff in the open air. You’ll have a better picture of how these will all smell like for your day-to-day activities.

Go About Your Day

Do you already have at least three scents to choose from? Then, go about your day. Run errands. Go to the office. Go to the gym. Watch a movie. Have dinner with friends. Smell the strips of perfumes as you go about your day, taking note of what you love about them at different times of day. Once the day is done, take them out and see which scent lasts longer. That will play into the factors you need to consider in choosing your statement scent.

Once you’re done with these three steps, you’re ready to pick your favorite scent. While these steps might seem like a lot of work, remember that perfumes aren’t particularly cheap, so you have to choose what’s best and right for you. Also, you might want to pick a different note for your everyday use and the one you’ll be spraying on when you’re going to a more formal event.

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