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These are the reasons why you should have your dentist on speed dial

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Visiting the dentist for an appointment is not something people love doing, but it is a necessary part of life that should not be viewed negatively and done regularly, twice a year to achieve optimal health and hygiene. When you are sick, you visit the doctor, and the same should occur when you feel there is something wrong with your teeth, gums, jaw and mouth, as oral health is as much of a priority as medical health is.

Having your teeth fixed and cleaned, your cavities filled and chips repaired, is not only about improving your appearance, but restoring your oral health to its prime. Detecting problems early on, however overwhelming they seem, reduces your risk of severe issues later down the line.

Treatment as the result of neglect

Although dental care is readily available and affordable, people still face major, and often, preventable problems. Despite the influx of information online, best cleaning practices for healthy teeth and gums are not properly followed.

Eating poorly, consuming sugary drinks and smoking can lead to tooth decay, and rotten teeth leads to other severe consequences. Brushing your teeth infrequently, not gargling and flossing results in plaque and bacteria build up can be the primary cause of Gingivitis, a gum disease with the main symptoms being tender and swollen gums that are prone to bleeding, which devastatingly, causes bone loss over time. If detected early enough, however, the worst of the effects can be reversed with professional help.

Both issues might seem minor initially, but both can result in major dental concerns if not attended to in their initial stages.

Best practices of cleaning your teeth

cleaning teeth

It seems simple enough, to keep your teeth clean, white and healthy, and to maintain a beautiful smile requires a rigorous cleaning routine. The truth of the matter is that many people do not clean properly or not often enough.

Not only will visiting your dental or oral hygienist leaves you with a healthy set of dazzling pearly whites, but you will be taught or reminded about how to look after your teeth effectively. At the same time, a deep cleaning administered by a dental professional helps to get rid of plaque, tartar and bacteria in hidden spaces between your teeth, which despite your best efforts, are hard to reach with a standard toothbrush.

Could save your life

While severe conditions could affect your lifestyle, more often than not, most dental concerns are not life-threatening.

However, your dentist can detect and diagnosis forms of oral cancer, a serious disease that can be fatal, which is why it is necessary to regard your oral health as important as your medical health.

Referrals for orthodontics

Certain teeth issues are down to genetics. Take, for example, people inheriting crooked teeth or an overbite from their parents through no fault of their own.

Your dentist, if he or she thinks you are a viable candidate for braces or other teeth straightening treatments, can recommend a good orthodontist who will leave you with a beautiful smile.

Our lives are busy, and there are likely a thousand and one reasons as to why you do not have time to visit the dentist. But the truth of the matter is that you need to, bi-annually. Visiting the dentist is now more affordable than ever, especially with medical insurance covering part of your your bills. Have your teeth issues resolved before they turn into bigger ones with a dental practitioner you can trust.

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