The Two Common Causes of Back Pain You Need to Know

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a woman suffering from back painMaintaining an ideal body posture is important, as it affects a person physically, emotionally, and mentally. This has been proven when a 17-year-old from Australia injured his back and had to deal with back pain, numbness in his legs and feet, and depression.

A back adjustment has helped the boy walk upright again and regain feeling in his legs and feet. and other experts explain that in many cases, South Jordan residents can also improve their quality of life by resolving back issues that are brought about by the following:

Improper Sitting Desk Height

Many argue that the time for sitting desks are over. More people are turning to standing desks because they apparently help with posture as opposed to sitting desks that only worsen one’s back alignment. Have you tried adjusting your seat first, though? The problem with most desks, according to research, is that they are designed to fit a person with a height of 6’4“. This means sitting desks are too high for 95% of the population.

Choosing the right height for your desk, positioning your keyboard on your lap, and resting your weight on the small of your back all help with your back alignment. Taking short, but frequent breaks from your sitting position also prove to help in productivity.


Sometimes it is not your habit that causes back pain or misalignment. It can be an accident that does this for you. If this is the case, you may need to visit a chiropractor to get treatment for back pain or sessions for back adjustment.

An accident may not immediately show that you have gotten back problems as a result. In the succeeding weeks, if you notice pain that does not seem to go away or if you feel discomfort when you move to a certain position, it’s worth a check-up. Relying on pain medication only addresses the symptom — the pain — and not the issue itself.

The alignment of your spine may improve or worsen your quality of life. Don’t wait until it’s too late to visit a chiropractor.

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