The Role of Temperature in Office Productivity

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Commercial Heating in Salt Lake CityAre you wondering why some of your employees are taking longer breaks or are wearing thick clothes and jackets while in the office? This may be because of the cold temperature in their work area. When it’s too chilly, the likelihood of catching a cold or any related illness increases. An employee might call in sick more often because they are often sick.

Effect on Productivity: By the Numbers

About 80% of office workers have complaints about their workplace temperature. An unsatisfied worker will likely want to leave early, sluggish in sending reports, or underperform in general. A survey conducted in 2014 reveals that 29% of employees spend about 10 to 30 minutes each day being unproductive because of the uncomfortable temperature. Overall, companies lose approximately 2% of office hours because of the latter. Studies reveal that the ideal temperature at work is around 71.6°F. However, you should still consider certain factors such as clothing, season, age, gender and humidity.

According to Connect Building Services and other commercial heating experts in Salt Lake City, humidity may affect the health of your employees. Relative humidity levels that dip below 20% may result in discomfort because of the drying effect of the skin and mucous membranes. If the level of humidity goes over 70%, it may cause mold and fungi growth, which may also be detrimental to health.

Finding a Balance

One of the ways to keep employees performing well is to have a stable office temperature throughout the year. You also need to provide cooling and heating options to adjust to varying conditions. A person’s body adapts depending on the season, so adjusting the heating and cooling systems accordingly will have a positive impact on performance.

Keeping your employees happy and satisfied will not only boost their productivity, but also their comfort levels at the office.

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