The Evolution of Google is the Evolution of Search

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Man Pointing to GoogleEverything you know about search is not static—it is bound to change in one way or another.

Technological innovation and advances in the digital world results in changes regarding how and where you search. Not everyone uses a desktop computer on the daily anymore, and the search engine giant has addressed this significant change.

Advertisers and businesses should follow suit, too.

The Evolution of Search

SEO experts from Design8 describes Google’s former interface as something that remained static for a number of years. The search pattern was simple: open Google, type in a query, and get answers in return.

But with Google being Google, some things simply changed overnight. Search still retains its most basic form, but now it's also about using a range of interfaces to get what you want. With smart phones, almost everyone searches on the go.

To make things easier, developers now promote voice search. The changes are not plus points for Google’s traditional model, especially with their ads.

Striking Back

Google will always be a force to be reckoned with; the search engine giant stays ahead of the game by keeping in touch with the behavioural shifts. Google always aims to please users, this is the driving force behind the changes they implement for the benefit of the same.

For example, Google launched a range of physical products to diversify their revenues, with some of the more recognizable examples being Android Wear, Chromebooks, Google Glass and driverless cars. Google keeps finding ways to keep users asking for more of their services.

The search engine is also pushing for a better mobile-first experience. Businesses panicked for a moment when the Mobilegeddon update came, but this was a step Google took to benefit users.

Think Like Google

Google’s fast adaptation to change is something marketers should learn. Google will never stop finding ways to deliver value to advertisers and please their users at the same time. If you’re an advertiser, thinking like Google is essential to surviving in the marketing world.

Google closely observes the writings on the wall while making bets on how search evolves. You should, too. Change is coming faster than you know it.

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