The Benefits Small-Scale Workshops Can Gain From Dust Extractors

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Small Workshop in AucklandSmall-scale workshops and home woodworking areas may sometimes bypass the need to purchase a dust collection or extraction system. However, the benefits that dust collection system give more than compensates for the extra cost of purchase and installation. That said, here are a few of those practical advantages.

The Quality of Finishing – When working on wood, fine particles of wood dust can stay in the air and eventually affect the quality of your output. Grinding or polishing of your raw materials is affected by any sort of particle landing on your work, even more so during varnishing and sealing. The same can be said with other materials such as stone, clay, steel or iron.

Health Reasons – True, you may be wearing protective gear but having a dust extraction system installed in your workshop adds to your health’s security, notes a specialist from Syntech. Besides, very small particles of dust can still invade your lungs, where most of the damage usually happens. Remember, there are lesser risks if the amount of particles in the air has already been substantially reduced.

Machinery Maintenance – It’s a well-known fact that dust and other particles that get sucked into your equipment will eventually cause breakdowns. Just like your lungs, you maximise the use of your machinery when they don’t have to deal with clogging or system failures due to the accumulation of dust inside of them. You also save time and cost on constant repairs and cleaning with a fully functional dust extractor.

Safer Work Space – Debris, no matter how big or small they are, can be a fire hazard if they’re not continually cleaned out. Daily dusting and sweeping can be ineffective for microscopic grains floating in the air or specks of dust lodged between the floors. With a dust extractor system, there would be fewer chances of dust particles build up inside your work area.

Security is a priceless commodity and no business, small or big, should be without it. Find affordable and efficient models that can fit your budget and needs. After all, your health alone is worth the extra investment.

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