That Superior Feeling that Comes with Luscious Locks of Hair

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Luscious Locks of HairBeing on top of the world is one of the best feelings in the world. You’re not bragging; you just feel attractive and confident. If you experience this every now and then, chances are, you’re having a good hair day.

Research reveals that feeling good about your hair results not only in feelings of happiness, but of superiority as well. That’s right — the more you admire your appearance, the more likely you’ll feel hierarchical.

The Study

The Stanford Graduate School of Business conducted a series of studies, which required men and women to recount the times they felt more or less attractive. The researchers followed up by asking participants if they agreed with the following statements: “Lower wages for women and ethnic minorities reflect lower skill and education level,” and “Some groups of people are inferior to other groups.”

Results showed that when participants experienced a “good hair day,” they were less likely to see inequality as problem. Unattractive memories, on the other hand, encouraged a negative view of inequality.

The Roadblocks to a Good Hair Day

Americans have always placed emphasis on the importance of physical appearance — and hair is a major factor. Despite all the efforts and bottles of hair spray, both men and women are not free from suffering bad hair days every now and then.  Fortunately, solutions are abundant.

Some men pay extra attention to their hair — and you might be one of them. A lot of men today go to their barber for more than just regular haircuts for maintenance or added styling. While some guys deal with messy bed hair, others struggle with losing their precious locks. If you’re a guy suffering from hair loss, suggests seeking neograft hair transplant treatments.

Hair is also a woman’s crowning glory. Sticky strands and split ends simply won’t make the cut, especially if they want to feel better about their appearance. Hair products and treatments hit the shelves, inviting women to try them out for lustrous locks.

Your sense of attractiveness dictates how you feel about yourself in the hierarchy. When your hair’s not styled to the nines, it’s normal to feel a little inferior. Instead of letting bad hair days get the best of you, feel better by caring for your hair every day. 

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