Temperatures That Make You Flush: Flushing and Water Temperature

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Flushing and Water TemperatureIn TV shows, when one person is showering and someone else flushes the toilet in the same bathroom or anywhere else in the house, you hear a yelp of surprise from the person showering. Usually, the reason is that there is a sudden burst of cold water from the shower. Ever wondered why that happens?

Contrary to what they show on screen, these bursts can be hot, too. If these bursts have been happening to you a lot lately, then maybe you need to consult with professionals to perform emergency plumbing in your home. Action Plumbing shares some factors that contribute to these bursts of temperature.

Why There is a Sudden Burst of Hot Water

Plumbing is controlled in a branch and trunk system. From one side of the property, water runs through the other side in a large pipe. It is then connected to offshoot pipes that connect to the different plumbing fixtures in your home.

Water pressure plays a huge role in this because when you have low water pressure and a fixture is currently using that, it means that there will be less supply of water for the rest of the fixtures. When you flush the toilet, that will call for cold water to fill the tank and if you’re showering when this happens, the shower will have less cold water to take from the tank and it will compensate with hot water – giving you that burst of heat while you’re taking a bath.

Preventing This from Happening

If this isn’t that much of a problem for you, one way of preventing this from happening is that you can reduce toilet water, but keep in mind that adjusting the supply valve for your toilet has its negative effects. You may encounter some difficulties in clearing the bowl of solids.

If the hot or cold bursts happen all the time, call for help. Having to fix the problem by yourself repeatedly is tiring and you never know, there might be an actual problem going on in your pipes, which, if left unrepaired, will cost even more in the long run. So, let the professionals handle this problem and whatever major issue lurks behind. 

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