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Take Your Pick From the Myriad Types of Car Window Tints

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car windowTinting car windows in Perth has become quite fashionable for several strong reasons. For one thing, car tinting makes your vehicle more personalised. Secondly, it also offers you plenty of privacy along with better protection from the harmful effects of sun’s rays. Additionally, tinting the auto windows increases the safety and security of the glass panes.

The good news is that if you wish to tint your car windows, you have several options to pick from. TintWorks offers a quick look at these choices.

1. Dyed Car Tints

These window films contain a layer of dye between the protective polyester coating and the adhesive layer. These films can block light up to 50%, are non-reflective, and tickles the aesthetic fancy. Dyed car tints can block the glare from oncoming cars, as well.

On the other hand, such films are poor heat blockers, the layers may detach over time, and it requires high skill and precision to install. Moreover, the dye could break down when exposed to sunlight.

2. Metalized Car Tints

These window films have several strata, comprised of the adhesive layer, a layer that blocks UV rays, a metallised layer that reflects the heat and makes the windows darker, and a top layer of protective film that prevents scratches to the glass.

The advantages of this film are the following:

• It can block heat, UV rays and glare.
• Does not fade with time.
• Very durable.

On the downside, though, these films can block cellular and Wi-Fi signals, have low visual appeal, and are more expensive than a dyed car tint.

3. Hybrid Car Tints

These are a combination of dyed and metallised films and hence confer the advantages of both. Additionally, these films have very few disadvantages, the main one being its cost – it is usually pricier than the two kinds of films.

4. Ceramic Car Tints

A ceramic car tint can block glare, UV rays and heat without affecting the transmission of radio signals. However, this is the most expensive car tinting type, mostly owing to its material.

No matter the need or budget range, there are car window tinting options to suit your preferences and budget. Still, before you install one, be aware of the local laws regarding window tinting for cars, as some states regulate how dark a tint could get.

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