Car Towing in Perth

Steps for Fast and Efficient Towing

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Car Towing in PerthSuppose you were to choose between getting stuck in traffic and being the cause of it? You know you’d choose the first. In a heartbeat! But things may happen to your car that make you stay longer on the road even if the traffic has subsided.

Whether it is because of an engine malfunction or road accident, you’ll need a towing service (preferably one of Perth’s 24-hour towing) to move your car out of the road.

What to do before calling a towing company

Ask for assistance to move the vehicle beside the road. Put on the hazard lights and put out warning triangles if available. Then get valuable items inside the vehicle including personal items that must not be left in the car.

Information to give on phone call

When calling the suggested service provider, give the exact location details, car description and nature of the problem. This helps make the process easier and with less hassle as possible. It prevents you from paying unnecessary costs as well.

Important reminders

Towing vehicles have capacity limits that manufacturers provide. The same rules apply to the quantity, however fully equipped it is. Neglecting these requirements can damage the vehicle and compromise safety.

The cost for this service starts with a base fare per mile. It can be higher in areas with no legal limits or where competition is scarce. In Australia, the cost is based on whether it is involved in an accident, if it is recovered stolen vehicle, salvage from non-road areas, or from an authorised storage area.

Factors like the weight of the vehicle and conditions like muddy road will cause higher charges. You can take advantage of your vehicle insurance’s free towing services or your club membership’s if available.

Towing services are available 24 hours a day. A mechanic, a roadside assistance member, or a local police can give you a list of companies you can tap for vehicle transfer. Your Perth auto club membership card also provides contact information for the assistance of this nature.

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